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  • 10:11:23 am on May 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Thank you for all the website security information – it is always good to be well informed! The Gabby doll is very sweet and has a great face! The WW dolls are totally cool. I like what you did with Vina’s hair – that bit on the top is so strange. I have also discovered that I don’t like her soft hands very much – hard to put on tight sleeves – the MtM bodies seem to have harder plastic hands. The Hallmark book must be such fun to look through!

    Shirls – Thank you as well for the http/https information. Stinky is ready to visit at any time and will stay as long as he is welcome (he probably is the type who would outstay his welcome). I can send him to you and then you could send him back to me and he could then visit Jackie in August. Some of those Maddie Mod dolls had a Midge-style hair-do but most of them seem to have straight hair with bangs – I have always loved the Maddie Mod clothes!

    Jackie – Does that work for you if Stinky visits Shirls now and then comes out to you in August? Wow – it was 90 where you are! Yikes – it has been in the 40s and rainy here and all the buds one the trees are out so leaves will be coming in soon. That is one gigantic fish – I wouldn’t swim there either!

    Fiona – Congratulations on your two new Skippers! They sound like they are in good shape – most of my vintage dolls have pale arms and legs but that is only really noticeable when they are not wearing clothes. I remember your photos of last year’s Anzac Day – hard to believe it has been a year!

    Waving to Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate


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