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  • 08:05:44 pm on April 30, 2017 | # | 0


    It has been such a lovely day. I went to the beach for lunch.
    Then we sat on a bench on the pier and watched the swimmers
    and the birds. Only one pelican, but he went dive bombing for a fish.

    Then a man came rushing from the other end of the pier with a huge fish. I went into the hut to take a photo….
    it was a 40 pound Mackeral. (photo later).

    That does NOT make me want to go swimming in the ocean.
    But I love being at the beach and enjoying the scenery.

    One thing about Lake Michigan… no sharks, barracudas
    only the muskees with lottsa teeth that I know of in those waters.

    I don’t swim in the big lakes either though because I am NOT a good enough swimmer.

     photo GAW2017 102_zpsaeyi0ciy.jpg

    sadly all the fudge shops were still closed for the season when I was up north.

     photo GAW2017 090_zpslktcxoxi.jpg

    I do enjoy taking photos as we cross the Mackinac Bridge.

    Hi Shirls… beautiful photos as always. Glad we can have such fun with our dolls.

    Hi Queli… thanks for the photos of the new Hallmark ornaments.
    I bought quite a few last year.

    Hi Kate… so happy you reached out to Marie.
    I am happy she is okay.
    I guess I trust this site enough to stay as long as you other folks do.

    I am thinking about when Stinky should come. Maybe August would be good. I will let you know next time if that is an unbusy month.

    Hi to Fiona

    I hope our friends in Texas are okay. Big storms there yesterday.



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