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  • 02:11:23 pm on April 29, 2017 | # | 0

    Lately there has been a preoccupation on this board with security. I
    don’t really understand why some of you are worried about this but
    I’m going to give you my take on board security so please feel free to
    let me know if I’m way off base.

    Most doll boards and websites in general are not secure. There is no
    need for them to be. A website needs to be secure if it’s going to ask
    you for your personal information i.e. name/address/phone/SS#/CC#.
    Examples of secure websites: PayPal, facebook, any web store. You
    want a secure website if that website has your personal information.

    Doll boards DO NOT need to be secure because they do not ask you
    for personal information. Most doll boards are not secure i.e. In The
    Pink, Doll Divas, Ultimate Chat, Prego, Ellowyne’s Ennui, etc. Anyone
    can lurk on this board (and on most boards) but in order to post
    photos/comments you need to log in. This gives the owner of the
    board the ability to ban anyone that does not comply with the rules
    but has nothing to do with security.

    Some boards have secure and non-secure sections like the BFC. I am
    a member of that board and the Photo Forum is not secure but the
    shopping portion is secure for reasons stated above. You do have to
    log in in order to post in the forums but once again that has nothing to
    do with security.

    Just because a website is secure doesn’t mean it’s absolutely safe.
    Yahoo was hacked a few years ago and people’s private information
    was breached. Yahoo didn’t tell anyone until a few months ago. They
    were trying to fix the problem on the QT but ultimately they had to tell
    their members of which I am one. The first thing I did was change my
    Yahoo password. I haven’t noticed any adverse effects yet but I’m
    forever vigilant because hacking has become prevalent in our society.

    For those of you that are having second thoughts about posting here,
    please don’t. There is nothing to fear. If you don’t feel comfortable
    posting here then you should feel uncomfortable posting anywhere on
    the web.

    I hope this helps with any doubts you might have, if not, let me know
    exactly what makes you feel uncomfortable about posting here and I’ll
    try to address those specific issues.


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