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  • 08:50:40 pm on April 27, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Jackie…welcome back :-) …love the mannequins and that backdrop.
    GAW always does such a good job with that. I’m loving your photos.
    I’ve been looking at photos on flickr. I think this theme was one of the
    best ever!

    Kate…thanks :-) …thanks for the offer of hosting Stinky but my life is
    too crazy right now. Maybe in the future. I know I’d have lots of fun
    with him…you’re welcome. I’m glad your dad enjoyed the photos, and
    believe me, it’s one thing to see them in photos and quite another to
    see them in person. Loved those exhibits…Barbie and Stinky made
    some very delicious cakes. My mouth is watering and I love Barbie’s
    fashion…that is a fun photo of Francie, Stinky and your dad’s toy
    soldiers. I really liked it.

    Shirls…thanks…thanks for asking Kate to post photos of her dad’s toy
    soldiers. I really enjoyed that photo…I love going to TRU. I could be
    there for hours, and that’s just in the Barbie aisle!…that cute little
    shoulder bag is having its inaugural wearing tomorrow. Color me
    happy :-) …loved that back pack too. Might end up buying it…Leather
    and Ruffles is HTF here too but believe it or not, I’ve found her 6
    times but I just didn’t like the way she looked :-( …Pesche’s is a great
    garden center. I love going there during Easter and Christmas. They
    have some beautiful stuff…I showed a friend a photo of the
    honeycomb candles and she went and bought them!…It’s been awhile
    since I posted photos of Gooliope and Maddie so I was very happy
    when I found that set for them…your fairy garden is so cute. Love all
    the details. Are your fairies kind, wise and helpful? Or are they
    mischievous, naughty and troublesome? Inquiring minds want to
    know :-)

    Target had its red spheres covered with Mario and Luigi. I thought
    this was too cool!

    Magnolia tree in their parking lot.

    Loved this Our Generation record player. It’s perfect for 16-18″ dolls,
    don’t know why I didn’t buy it.

    Saw this 15″ Chelsea at TRU…my, what big eyes you have!

    I went to a miniatures show (1:12 scale) and had a wonderful time!

    I didn’t take many photos because the vendors don’t like it but I did
    take a photo of this 6″ working chandelier.


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