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  • 07:16:55 pm on April 23, 2017 | # | 0

    Happy Sunday!

    Jackie…I know you had a great time at GAW!

    Kate…thanks!…You’ve got a K9! Great little critter. I can’t tell you
    how much I enjoyed your photo story. It was so well thought out.
    Stinky was so thoughtful to find fashions for Vina and I liked the one
    she finally wore. I think pink is her color. Interestingly enough my
    Vina is wearing a pink fashion too…I know your dad likes toy soldiers
    and I’ve been meaning to mention that the Frazier Museum in
    Louisville, KY has a wonderful toy soldier gallery. I thought of your
    dad when I was there.

    TRU has some really cute bags/backpacks/hats. Love the graphics.

    I bought this shoulder bag.

    I really liked the hats but they were too small for me.

    I really want Leather and Ruffles and if I could find one as perfect as
    this one I’d buy her but all the ones I’ve found have something wrong
    with them :-(

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, this fashion pack is a real
    bargain. You get ten fashions and ten pairs of shoes for $40! That’s a
    fashion and  a pair of shoes for $4!


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