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    Good Morning,

    Jackie – GAW sounds so wonderful – I hope to get there some year soon! Someone on Facebook posted a photo of Bill Greening (I think that is who it was) holding a 50th Anniversary Hair Fair Barbie that will be released in the coming months – lots of wigs and a repro mod dress – gorgeous! I love the Highland theme – what a great idea!

    Queli – Your new patio set is lovely and the girls look like they are really enjoying themselves! I understand the “sigh” about the kitchen center you didn’t buy – it is fabulous but takes up room! My father says the same thing happens in the toy soldier world – all the shelves are filled quickly. Vina did arrive Saturday and she is so cool! Love the garden center photos!

    Marigene – Smart Taser! He was so handsome, too. William just likes napping, playing and cuddling (fine with me) – this morning I couldn’t get out of bed right away since he was sound asleep on top of me! Spring is late here, too – up north (about 2 hours drive) they just got 5 inches of snow! So glad we only got rain. Love the photo of Twilight Victoria with the Breyer horse!

    Photo heavy post alert! ;)

    Xxoo Kate
    Yesterday evening, Stinky and the little green Martian dog (from a Bugs Bunny or Daffy Duck space age cartoon) were playing spacemen.

    Suddenly they saw a lovely green woman!

    Vina has arrived! She patted the little dog whilst Stinky raced off to find something for a welcoming present…

    He returned quickly, all duded up!

    They enjoyed coffee and chocolates as the day faded…

    The little dog was too polite to mention it, but Vina has an odd hair-do!

    The next morning, Stinky went to one of the clothing drawers to find some new clothes for Vina.

    He brought quite a selection!

    Here she is wearing the blouse and pants from The Lace Caper.

    And I spring dress that I made recently…

    And a colorful shift dress I made…

    She finally selected the pink Star Trek uniform I made – it is a trifle baggy around the bust line, since I made it for a vintage Barbie, but she likes the color. ;)


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