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  • 09:56:36 am on April 21, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – Vina is fabulous! Mine is due to arrive tomorrow (Saturday) and I can’t wait. I like the articulation – same as Lt. Uhura’s and WonderWoman – they can still wear high heels.

    Marigene – Sweet kitties waking you up – might be a bit annoying at the time but it sounds so cute! We had a couple of mice get in the house and William just looked at them – he could have cared less about them – I guess it is the female cats that are the hunters. Little Emily caught about 15 mice and 4 bats in the 13 years she was with us.

    Jackie – I thought Bonner’s was one of those stores like LLBean that is open 24/7 – I guess not – I hope you weren’t set on shopping there – plenty of shopping to be done at GAW!

    Xxoo Kate
    More hats!

    And more hat swapping!


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