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  • 09:07:27 pm on April 20, 2017 | # | 0

    Hello everyone…

    Marigene…love that first photo of your girls in red and black!

    Jackie…oh no, you went to Bonner’s and it was closed?! Bummer!…
    spellcheck has a mind if its own. Can’t tell you how many times it’s
    done a number on me too.

    Shirls…thanks!…I would love to find some Barbie jammies in my size
    too…love the cute little Easter bunny in the basket. It’s the perfect
    scale!…your painting The Empty Tomb is wonderful! I’m sure your SIL
    was thrilled…Jaeme definitely looks great in that hat. I remember
    when people used to wear hats to church. It’s not as prevalent now…
    the British, now they know how to wear hats!…Ken and Barbie are
    always a well dressed pair.

    Kate…thanks!…POSA looks beautiful in that gown and of course
    Stinky had to try on the hat! He loves hats!…you can also buy the
    Barbie jammies online…yes, Vina arrived today. See photos below.

    I got Vina today so I’m as happy as a pig in mud! Couldn’t tear her
    out of the box fast enough. The packaging is very elaborate which is a
    shame because I’m not going to keep it.

    First box

    Second box

    Back of second box

    Third box with Vina. She has the mermaid facemold.

    Back of the box

    Her skin is very deep green with a bluish tint. She’s going to be great
    for St. Patrick’s Day. MTM articulation sans articulation at chest/ankles

    Here she is next to Westy so you can compare the skintones.

    Vina wears a two piece fashion plus gold arm cuff (pictured above)


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