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  • 08:33:54 am on April 8, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning… it’s Saturday.

    Hi Queli… I love it when I find lots of others have been here too.

    Love the Easter candy.

    The garden show you went to was a lot of fun for me too. I love all the pretty photos you took.

    That silkie was our travel doll, Millie. Our BBB group sent her to
    everyones house and we each added something to her box and then
    had her in the auction.

    She had a lot of neat stuff for the person who got her.

     photo MarysweddingGAW2010200.jpg

    this is Lynda holding Millie

     photo MarysweddingGAW2010201.jpg

    and Bill holding Millie
     photo Easter 2015 031_zps3qomvbvo.jpg

    I took this photo last Easter.

    Hi Marigene… so good that you are enjoying time with your sweeting in the garden.

    I am happy that you still find the time to pop in here.

    I love the daffodils blowing in the wind.

    Hi Kate…
    what a sweet little bear.

    You find more uses for those eggs than anyone I know.
    I hope Stinky knows how lucky he is.

     photo Beach 2016 073_zpsktpikyja.jpg

    I had lunch at the beach two days in a row this week.
    Yesterday we just sat at our table at the window watching
    the ocean and the birds. There were lots of sea gulls and a few pelicans. It was about a 30 mph wind and the birds were flying backwards some of the time. Love to see them dong that.

    And the pelicans divebomb into the water to catch fish.

    It was too cool and windy to sit outside though.

     photo Beach 2016 027_zps4ahnb1bo.jpg

    Hi Shirls… so glad Queli was able to tell us about the http vs https

    My comuter skills are getting further behind every day.

    Hi Fiona.. we are having an Azaela Festival here this week.
    And it is also the Masters Golf tournament in Augusta, Georgia.
    They have lots of azaelas there. And right now they are all blooming
    and so pretty.

    Hi Marie… hope things are okay in Texas.
    I hope you will still be able to come to the National convention in
    Houston. Kim and Anita would love to meet you too.

     photo Beach 2016 054_zpsovjns8mq.jpg

    my little gator friend is back from hiebernation.
    He has grown up a bit more.

    Hope you all have a great weekend.



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