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  • 10:42:28 am on April 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Shirls – I just logged out and logged in again to check and it only says http – not a secure one like on Ebay or PayPal. Maybe you could ask Sweetness (?) as she seems to be in charge of the board (I see that name on the ultimate chat home page). I’m never sure if there is something going on with a particular website or if my computer is just getting old (or both). I love what you did with the India Barbie!

    Jackie – Stinky has just been in a photo shoot with some of the Barbies. I got a load of the clothes that Mattel made for the Lucy dolls so my Barbies were trying them on and Stinky liked all the hats (photos coming soon!). ;) Glad your storms weren’t worse!

    Queli – I love the pink pampas grass – how cool! I love all the creativity at the flower show – the teddy bears are a great idea! I even like the potentially scary clown face! I love flowers but am no good at gardening.

    Waving to Fiona, Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate
    Francie and Momoko used one half of a plastic egg as a cradle for the baby bear!


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