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  • 09:46:02 am on April 2, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Queli – I love the skateboarder Barbie – it is great that Mattel is branching off with the Made-to-Move bodies – she has a great outfit, too! I stayed at home yesterday, too – I didn’t hear of anyone getting pranked so that is a good thing!

    Shirls – I have noticed that Ebay tends to move the community boards around a bit – I can never find them the same way twice! Our April Fool’s day snowstorm only gave us a dusting of snow – didn’t even need to brush the car off – it melted pretty quickly (yay!).

    Marigene – We have been getting a lot of either snow or rain the past few months – more than usual. It is supposed to rain most of this week – it will get rid of all the snow and that is fine with me! Sweet, sweet fur baby! Love all your Skippers in the garden!

    Jackie – I can’t believe Anita’s daughter is old enough to go to college – time flies! Say hello to everyone at GAW for me – I think you will have a great time! Are you sitting at Kim’s table for the July convention?

    Fiona – Yep, we call them flipflops, too. I got the little boxing kangaroo in a box lot of toys and thought he fit in well with the smaller critters. I’m glad you didn’t get the worst part of the bad weather – it is always hard to tell where a storm is going.

    Waving to Marie and hope you are doing well!

    Xxoo Kate
    The Easter Bunny and Buffy came over to Stinky’s room to help him organize (S tends to be a little messy and this is an ongoing thing).

    They tidy up all the plastic eggs…

    The Easter Bunny brings in a big egg!

    It is the nesting egg set and Stinky is excited about all the possibilities.

    After all the organizing, where is Stinky??

    He fits easily into the largest nesting egg and everything is cluttered again but the story will continue!


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