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  • 10:01:01 am on March 31, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning,

    Jackie – The person who told me that story about the Bassett/Beagle mix up was an elderly gentleman who liked to spin yarns so I’m not really sure how true it is – sounds like it could be true, though! Ah yes, the BBB swaps back in the day – they were such fun!

    Queli – Thank you!! I love the other HL doll/outfit, too! And the shoes are fabulous! What a sweet little Bassett hound! I hope they keep going with Kenvention.

    Waving to Shirls, Marie & Fiona!

    Xxoo Kate
    Skooter and Stinky (and Kate) were all excited to receive a gift from Queli!!

    Stinky is very interested in the mystery figure.

    A tiny heiress, an even tinier doggy, and a handsome suitor!

    The tiny mystery figure!

    Thank you, dear Queli! ☺

    The figures are so teeny, they went to the doll’s house where PoohBear and friends gave them a big welcome!


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