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  • 12:50:18 pm on March 28, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    I forgot my camera!
    However we had a really great time. I led the Barbie Bingo game and everyone really enjoyed it. The main project we worked on was re-flocking vintage Ken dolls – I had photos of different styles of beards and moustaches and there were a lot of creative Kens by the end of the day! I will check to see if I can get any of the other women’s photos and post them.

    Jackie – I always love to see Stinky’s vacation photos! I forgot he was hanging out with the Twilight gang! Love the Peeps! Warming up here – temps in the 40s!

    Shirls – I’m loving all your repeats! I don’t remember seeing them anyway so they are all new to me! ;) The AA doll from the World of Love is named Soul.

    Queli – Everyone I know has really enjoyed the new Beauty and the Beast movie – might have to go and see it! Love the beauty salon set!

    Fiona – I know what you mean about the vintage Barbie clothes – most of them are pretty elegant – plus being well made!

    Waving to Marigene and Marie!

    Xxoo Kate


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