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    Good Evening,

    Jackie – I like going over to the coast before May 31st – there is such a difference when all the tourists arrive! I hope your sister will start to be on the mend soon!

    Fiona – That “fierce” Ken is the Batman/Ken that came out a few years back (there was a Catwoman/Barbie, too) – his face was hidden under the mask/cowl – I really liked the look so he has become my main Ken model!

    Queli – I like the curvy Barbies – I wish they would make them a bit more articulated – that would be really cool! I don’t remember – are you going to GAW, too? Love the MC Hammer doll!

    Marigene – Sweet little Fuzzbutt! William sleeps on his back all the time – he also likes doing all his grooming when he is on his back. Are any of your cats talkers? William chatters all the time.

    Shirls – I’m sorry you are having a stressful time! Sending good vibes your way! Someone on one of the other doll boards said that (possibly) the BCC will merge with Mattel’s regular Barbie site ( ) – they seem to have a lot of the same dolls but I am not sure when all this is going to happen (or if it is going to happen).

    Xxoo Kate


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