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  • 02:57:02 pm on March 7, 2017 | # | 0

    Afternoon All!

    Wonderful news – the little cat, Ziva came home yesterday after being missing for almost a week! She was a little dingy (her fur is all white) and hungry but no worse for the wear. We think she must have been stuck in someone’s garage.

    Marigene – I’m glad you got at least one day of sunshine! Love the long hair Casey! Did you re-root her? We got about two inches of snow this morning and then it turned to rain – supposed to rain tomorrow as well – at least it will wash away more of the snow!

    Jackie – Hilda and her 5 assorted siblings will all be here at the end of April for the memorial service – they live all over the country so it will really nice to see them all together. I can’t believe GAW has been going on that long – fabulous!

    Queli – Alex is really sweet! What a great new friend! I’m not surprised to see Easter dolls – we went to Walmart yesterday and it was all Easter decorations – I love seeing all the different color eggs. And that Beauty/Beast packaging is so cool – took me a minute to realize what it was!

    Xxoo Kate


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