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  • 12:05:00 pm on February 24, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Morning (almost Afternoon),

    Is anyone else having trouble posting on Facebook? I can get into FB, click “like” on other people’s photos, but I can’t post anything of my own (photos or just writing). It has been going on for about three days now and I have refreshed the screen, re-booted the computer but no luck so far.

    Marigene – I’m sorry for all your troubles! Sending you internet {hugs!}!

    Jackie – It has been in the upper 40s all this week and the snow is melting slowly. It is supposed to rain tomorrow so that will get rid of more snow – birds have been singing and I could smell a skunk yesterday morning.

    Fiona – Glad you are back and with a new keyboard!

    Queli – When does McDonald’s start with the new Happy Meals? At the beginning of March?

    Marie – I like that green cardigan your doll is wearing! I also like the plant potting scene with the little kitty on the porch – sweet! William has been demanding my father’s attention – I can hear him meowing right now!

    Xxoo Kate


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