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  • 04:36:25 pm on February 14, 2017 | # | 0

    Good Afternoon,

    I’m so tired. I have shoveled and shoveled and shoveled – and I didn’t even have to do that much! We have a young man and his sisters who do all the snow blowing – they did the driveway and sidewalk and porch. I had to shovel around the car and then the city snowplow went by and dumped a lot of snow just at the end of our driveway – so discouraging. ☹ The snow banks are almost over my head and there is nowhere to put the snow. And the really discouraging news is we are supposed to get 6-10 inches more tomorrow. ☹

    Shirls – The WoL dolls have been washed and I used an X-acto knife to trim away some of the melt marks – they are currently waiting to get some clothes that I bought on Ebay – they can share certain clothes with Skipper and Blythe, too.

    Marigene – Glad little Fuzzbutt is back and in good shape. I had completely forgotten it is Valentine’s Day! Yikes – too much snow and I don’t know what day it is!

    Jackie – Lots of places are open – the frustrating thing is that most streets that are supposed to be 2-way streets are narrowed down to only one lane – very hard to drive around the town and one has to pull out almost into a street in order to make a turn. The big trucks are the worst – they get right up behind you and are annoyed if you are driving slowly.

    Queli – I love your lilac color guard – what great hair! If I haven’t said this before, I think you are a really good photographer! The weatherman said the total snowfall for our town was 2 feet and that doesn’t include tomorrow!

    Xxoo Kate
    Francie is all bundled up! (This is way before the blizzard dumped a ton of snow on us – now those white fence posts are completely covered!

    Here is the same now!

    Francie is going to stay inside and have a relaxing cup of tea!


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